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CASP+ CAS-003 – Question 120


A security architect is determining the best solution for a new project. The project is developing a new intranet with advanced authentication capabilities, SSO for users, and automated provisioning to streamline Day 1 access to systems. The security architect has identified the following requirements:

1. Information should be sourced from the trusted master data source.
2. There must be future requirements for identity proofing of devices and users.
3. A generic identity connector that can be reused must be developed.
4. The current project scope is for internally hosted applications only.

Which of the following solution building blocks should the security architect use to BEST meet the requirements?

A. LDAP, multifactor authentication, oAuth, XACML
B. AD, certificate-based authentication, Kerberos, SPML
C. SAML, context-aware authentication, oAuth, WAYF
D. NAC, radius, 802.1x, centralized active directory

Correct Answer: B