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CASP+ CAS-003 – Question 164


A security consultant is improving the physical security of a sensitive site and takes pictures of the unbranded building to include in the report. Two weeks later, the security consultant misplaces the phone, which only has one hour of charge left on it. The person who finds the phone removes the MicroSD card in an attempt to discover the owner to return it.
The person extracts the following data from the phone and EXIF data from some files:

  • DCIM Images folder
  • Audio books folder
  • Torrentz
  • My TAX.xls
  • Consultancy HR Manual.doc
  • Camera: SM-G950F
  • Exposure time: 1/60s
  • Location: 3500 Lacey Road USA

Which of the following BEST describes the security problem?

A. MicroSD in not encrypted and also contains personal data.
B. MicroSD contains a mixture of personal and work data.
C. MicroSD in not encrypted and contains geotagging information.
D. MicroSD contains pirated software and is not encrypted.

Correct Answer: C