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Question 8


Two new technical SMB security settings have been enforced and have also become policies that increase secure communications.

  • Network Client: Digitally sign communication
  • Network Server: Digitally sign communication

A storage administrator in a remote location with a legacy storage array, which contains time-sensitive data, reports employees can no longer connect to their department shares. Which of the following mitigation strategies should an information security manager recommend to the data owner?

A. Accept the risk, reverse the settings for the remote location, and have the remote location file a risk exception until the legacy storage device can be upgraded
B. Accept the risk for the remote location, and reverse the settings indefinitely since the legacy storage device will not be upgraded
C. Mitigate the risk for the remote location by suggesting a move to a cloud service provider. Have the remote location request an indefinite risk exception for the use of cloud storage
D. Avoid the risk, leave the settings alone, and decommission the legacy storage device

Correct Answer: A