AZ-204 – Question 147

You are developing an application that applies a set of governance policies for internal and external services, as well as for applications.
You develop a stateful ASP.NET Core 2.1 web application named PolicyApp and deploy it to an Azure App Service Web App. The PolicyApp reacts to events from Azure Event Grid and performs policy actions based on those events.
You have the following requirements:
  • Authentication events must be used to monitor users when they sign in and sign out.
  • All authentication events must be processed by PolicyApp.
  • Sign outs must be processed as fast as possible.

What should you do?

A. Create a new Azure Event Grid subscription for all authentication events. Use the subscription to process sign-out events.
B. Create a separate Azure Event Grid handler for sign-in and sign-out events.
C. Create separate Azure Event Grid topics and subscriptions for sign-in and sign-out events.
D. Add a subject prefix to sign-out events. Create an Azure Event Grid subscription. Configure the subscription to use the subjectBeginsWith filter. 

Correct Answer: C


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