CASP+ CAS-003 – Question 139


A managed service provider is designing a log aggregation service for customers who no longer want to manage an internal SIEM infrastructure. The provider expects that customers will send all types of logs to them, and that log files could contain very sensitive entries. Customers have indicated they want on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure logs to be stored in this new service. An engineer, who is designing the new service, is deciding how to segment customers.
Which of the following is the BEST statement for the engineer to take into consideration?

A. Single-tenancy is often more expensive and has less efficient resource utilization. Multi-tenancy may increase the risk of cross-customer exposure in the event of service vulnerabilities.
B. The managed service provider should outsource the security of the platform to an existing cloud company. This will allow the new log service to be launched faster and with well-tested security controls.
C. Due to the likelihood of large log volumes, the service provider should use a multi-tenancy model for the data storage tier, enable data deduplication for storage cost efficiencies, and encrypt data at rest.
D. The most secure design approach would be to give customers on-premises appliances, install agents on endpoints, and then remotely manage the service via a VPN.

Correct Answer: C