CASP+ CAS-003 – Question 290


A request has been approved for a vendor to access a new internal server using only HTTPS and SSH to manage the back-end system for the portal. Internal users just need HTTP and HTTPS access to all internal web servers. All other external access to the new server and its subnet is not allowed. The security manager must ensure proper access is configured.
Below is a snippet from the firewall related to that server (access is provided in a top-down model):

Which of the following lines should be configured to allow the proper access? (Choose two.)’

A. Move line 3 below line 4 and change port 80 to 443 on line 4.
B. Move line 3 below line 4 and add port 443 to line.
C. Move line 4 below line 5 and add port 80 to 8080 on line 2.
D. Add port 22 to line 2.
E. Add port 22 to line 5.
F. Add port 443 to line 2.
G. Add port 443 to line 5.

Correct Answer: BF