CySA+ CS0-001 – Q. 296


A vulnerability scan returned the following results for a web server that hosts multiple wiki sites:
Apache-HTTPD-cve-2014-023: Apache HTTPD: mod_cgid denial of service CVE-2014-0231
Due to a flaw found in mog_cgid, a server using mod_cgid to host CGI scripts could be vulnerable to a DoS attack caused by a remote attacker who is exploiting a weakness in non-standard input, causing processes to hang indefinitely.

The security analyst has confirmed the server hosts standard CGI scripts for the wiki sites, does not have mod_cgid installed, is running Apache 2.2.22, and is not behind a WAF. The server is located in the DMZ, and the purpose of the server is to allow customers to add entries into a publicly accessible database.
Which of the following would be the MOST efficient way to address this finding?

A. Place the server behind a WAF to prevent DoS attacks from occurring.
B. Document the finding as a false positive.
C. Upgrade to the newest version of Apache.
D. Disable the HTTP service and use only HTTPS to access the server.


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