CySA+ CS0-001 – Q. 393


A system’s authority to operate (ATO) is set to expire in four days. Because of other activities and limited staffing, the organization has neglected to start reauthentication activities until now. The cybersecurity group just performed a vulnerability scan with the partial set of results shown below:
Based on the scenario and the output from the vulnerability scan, which of the following should the security team do with this finding?

A. Remediate by going to the web config file, searching for the enforce HTTP validation setting, and manually updating to the correct setting.
B. Accept this risk for now because this is a “high” severity, but testing will require more than the four days available, and the system ATO needs to be competed.
C. Ignore it. This is false positive, and the organization needs to focus its efforts on other findings.
D. Ensure HTTP validation is enabled by rebooting the server.