CySA+ CS0-001 – Q. 357


A manufacturing company has decided to participate in direct sales of its products to consumers. The company decides to use a subdomain of its main site with its existing cloud service provider as the portal for e-commerce. After launch, the site is stable and functions properly, but after a robust day of sales, the site begins to redirect to a competitor’s landing page. Which of the following actions should the company’s security team take to determine the cause of the issue and minimize the scope of impact?

A. Engage a third party to provide penetration testing services to see if an exploit can be found
B. Check DNS records to ensure Cname or alias records are in place for the subdomain
C. Query the cloud provider to determine the nature of the DNS attack and find out which other clients are affected
D. Check the DNS records to ensure a correct MX record is established for the subdomain