AZ-304 – Question #102


Question #102

You need to design a highly available Azure SQL database that meets the following requirements:
✑ Failover between replicas of the database must occur without any data loss.
✑ The database must remain available in the event of a zone outage.
✑ Costs must be minimized.
Which deployment option should you use?

A. Azure SQL Database Standard
B. Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Business Critical
C. Azure SQL Database Business Critical
D. Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Correct Answer:A
Standard geo-replication is available with Standard and General Purpose databases in the current Azure Management Portal and standard APIs.
Incorrect Answers:
B, C: Business Critical service tier is designed for applications that require low-latency responses from the underlying SSD storage (1-2 ms in average), fast recovery if the underlying infrastructure fails, or need to off-load reports, analytics, and read-only queries to the free of charge readable secondary replica of the primary database.
Note: Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance are both based on SQL Server database engine architecture that is adjusted for the cloud environment in order to ensure 99.99% availability even in the cases of infrastructure failures. There are three architectural models that are used:
✑ General Purpose/Standard

Business Critical/Premium –

✑ Hyperscale