AZ-304 – Question #135


Question #135

You have an Azure subscription that contains a storage account.
An application sometimes writes duplicate files to the storage account.
You have a PowerShell script that identifies and deletes duplicate files in the storage account. Currently, the script is run manually after approval from the operations manager.
You need to recommend a serverless solution that performs the following actions:
✑ Runs the script once an hour to identify whether duplicate files exist
✑ Sends an email notification to the operations manager requesting approval to delete the duplicate files
✑ Processes an email response from the operations manager specifying whether the deletion was approved
✑ Runs the script if the deletion was approved
What should you include in the recommendation?

A. Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions
B. Azure Pipelines and Azure Service Fabric
C. Azure Logic Apps and Azure Event Grid
D. Azure Functions and Azure Batch

Correct Answer: A
You can schedule a powershell script with Azure Logic Apps.
When you want to run code that performs a specific job in your logic apps, you can create your own function by using Azure Functions. This service helps you create Node.js, C#, and F# functions so you don’t have to build a complete app or infrastructure to run code. You can also call logic apps from inside Azure functions. Azure Functions provides serverless computing in the cloud and is useful for performing tasks such as these examples: