AZ-304 – Question #129


Question #129

You need to recommend a solution to deploy containers that run an application. The application has two tiers. Each tier is implemented as a separate Docker
Linux-based image. The solution must meet the following requirements:
✑ The front-end tier must be accessible by using a public IP address on port 80.
✑ The backend tier must be accessible by using port 8080 from the front-end tier only.
✑ Both containers must be able to access the same Azure file share.
✑ If a container fails, the application must restart automatically.
✑ Costs must be minimized.
What should you recommend using to host the application?

A. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
B. Azure Service Fabric
C. Azure Container instances

Correct Answer: C
Azure Container Instances enables a layered approach to orchestration, providing all of the scheduling and management capabilities required to run a single container, while allowing orchestrator platforms to manage multi-container tasks on top of it.
Because the underlying infrastructure for container instances is managed by Azure, an orchestrator platform does not need to concern itself with finding an appropriate host machine on which to run a single container.
Azure Container Instances can schedule both Windows and Linux containers with the same API.
Orchestration of container instances exclusively
Because they start quickly and bill by the second, an environment based exclusively on Azure Container Instances offers the fastest way to get started and to deal with highly variable workloads.