AZ-400 – Question 255

You have a free tier of an Azure DevOps organization named Contoso. Contoso contains 10 private projects. Each project has multiple jobs with no dependencies. The build process requires access to resource files located in an on-premises file system.

You frequently run the jobs on five self-hosted agents but experience long build times and frequently queued builds.
You need to minimize the number of queued builds and the time it takes to run the builds.

What should you do?

A. Configure the pipelines to use the Microsoft-hosted agents.
B. Register additional self-hosted agents.
C. Purchase self-hosted parallel jobs.
D. Purchase Microsoft-hosted parallel jobs.

Correct Answer: B 

If you want Azure Pipelines to orchestrate your builds and releases, but use your own machines to run them, use self-hosted parallel jobs. For self-hosted parallel jobs, you’ll start by deploying our self-hosted agents on your machines. You can register any number of these self-hosted agents in your organization.
Not D: Microsoft-hosted CI/CD –
If you want to run your jobs on machines that Microsoft manages, use Microsoft-hosted parallel jobs. Your jobs run on our pool of Microsoft-hosted agents.
We provide a free tier of service by default in every organization.