AZ-400 – Question 270

You have Azure Pipelines and GitHub integrated as a source code repository.

The build pipeline has continuous integration enabled.
You plan to trigger an automated build whenever code changes are committed to the repository.
You need to ensure that the system will wait until a build completes before queuing another build.

What should you implement?

A. path filters
B. batch changes
C. scheduled builds
D. branch filters

Correct Answer: B 

Batching CI runs –
If you have many team members uploading changes often, you may want to reduce the number of runs you start. If you set batch to true, when a pipeline is running, the system waits until the run is completed, then starts another run with all changes that have not yet been built.
# specific branch build with batching
batch: true
– master
To clarify this example, let us say that a push A to master caused the above pipeline to run. While that pipeline is running, additional pushes B and C occur into the repository. These updates do not start new independent runs immediately. But after the first run is completed, all pushes until that point of time are batched together and a new run is started.