AZ-204 – Question 19

You are developing an Azure Function App by using Visual Studio. The app will process orders input by an Azure Web App. The web app places the order information into Azure Queue Storage.
You need to review the Azure Function App code shown below.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
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Correct Answer: 

Box 1: No –
ExpirationTime – The time that the message expires.
InsertionTime – The time that the message was added to the queue.

Box 2: Yes –
maxDequeueCount – The number of times to try processing a message before moving it to the poison queue. Default value is 5.

Box 3: Yes –
When there are multiple queue messages waiting, the queue trigger retrieves a batch of messages and invokes function instances concurrently to process them.
By default, the batch size is 16. When the number being processed gets down to 8, the runtime gets another batch and starts processing those messages. So the maximum number of concurrent messages being processed per function on one virtual machine (VM) is 24.

Box 4: Yes –


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