AZ-204 – Question 3

HOTSPOT – You are creating a CLI script that creates an Azure web app and related services in Azure App Service. The web app uses the following variables:
You need to automatically deploy code from GitHub to the newly created web app. How should you complete the script? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Box 1: az appservice plan create The azure group creates command successfully returns JSON result. Now we can use resource group to create a azure app service plan Box 2: az webapp create – Create a new web app.. Box 3: –plan $webappname – ..with the serviceplan we created in step 1. Box 4: az webapp deployment – Continuous Delivery with GitHub. Example: az webapp deployment source config –name firstsamplewebsite1 –resource-group websites–repo-url $gitrepo –branch master –git-token $token Box 5: –repo-url $gitrepo –branch master –manual-integration Reference: 


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