AZ-204 – Question 34

​You are building a website that uses Azure Blob storage for data storage. You configure Azure Blob storage lifecycle to move all blobs to the archive tier after 30 days.
Customers have requested a service-level agreement (SLA) for viewing data older than 30 days.
You need to document the minimum SLA for data recovery.
Which SLA should you use?
A. at least two days
B. between one and 15 hours
C. at least one day
D. between zero and 60 minutes
Correct Answer: B 
The archive access tier has the lowest storage cost. But it has higher data retrieval costs compared to the hot and cool tiers. Data in the archive tier can take several hours to retrieve depending on the priority of the rehydration. For small objects, a high priority rehydrate may retrieve the object from archive in under 1 hour.


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