AZ-204 – Question 40

You develop Azure solutions.
A .NET application needs to receive a message each time an Azure virtual machine finishes processing data. The messages must NOT persist after being processed by the receiving application.
You need to implement the .NET object that will receive the messages.

Which object should you use?

A. QueueClient
B. SubscriptionClient
C. TopicClient
D. CloudQueueClient

Correct Answer: A

Azure.Storage.Queues.QueueClient: .NET v12
Azure.Storage.Queues.CloudQueueClient: .NET v11 (Legacy)
So, the question is really about what kind of queue message tool you should use. And the key word here is that "message must NOT persist after being processed".
Azure.Storage.Queues.QueueClient supports "At-Most-Once" deliver mode, while Azure.Storage.Queues.CloudQueueClient doesn’t.