AZ-204 – Question 96

You develop and deploy an ASP.NET web app to Azure App Service. You use Application Insights telemetry to monitor the app.

You must test the app to ensure that the app is available and responsive from various points around the world and at regular intervals. If the app is not responding, you must send an alert to support staff.
You need to configure a test for the web app.

Which two test types can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. integration
B. multi-step web
C. URL ping
D. unit
E. load

Correct Answer: BC 

There are three types of availability tests:
✑ URL ping test: a simple test that you can create in the Azure portal.
✑ Multi-step web test: A recording of a sequence of web requests, which can be played back to test more complex scenarios. Multi-step web tests are created in
Visual Studio Enterprise and uploaded to the portal for execution.
✑ Custom Track Availability Tests: If you decide to create a custom application to run availability tests, the TrackAvailability() method can be used to send the results to Application Insights.


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