AZ-204 – Question 99

You develop and add several functions to an Azure Function app that uses the latest runtime host. The functions contain several REST API endpoints secured by using SSL. The Azure Function app runs in a Consumption plan.

You must send an alert when any of the function endpoints are unavailable or responding too slowly.
You need to monitor the availability and responsiveness of the functions.

What should you do?

A. Create a URL ping test.
B. Create a timer triggered function that calls TrackAvailability() and send the results to Application Insights.
C. Create a timer triggered function that calls GetMetric("Request Size") and send the results to Application Insights.
D. Add a new diagnostic setting to the Azure Function app. Enable the FunctionAppLogs and Send to Log Analytics options.

Correct Answer: B 

You can create an Azure Function with TrackAvailability() that will run periodically according to the configuration given in TimerTrigger function with your own business logic. The results of this test will be sent to your Application Insights resource, where you will be able to query for and alert on the availability results data.
This allows you to create customized tests similar to what you can do via Availability Monitoring in the portal. Customized tests will allow you to write more complex availability tests than is possible using the portal UI, monitor an app inside of your Azure VNET, change the endpoint address, or create an availability test even if this feature is not available in your region.


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