AZ-400 – Question 143

You have a GitHub repository.

You create a new repository in Azure DevOps.
You need to recommend a procedure to clone the repository from GitHub to Azure DevOps.

What should you recommend?

A. Create a pull request.
B. Create a webhook.
C. Create a service connection for GitHub.
D. From Import a Git repository, click Import.
E. Create a personal access token in Azure DevOps.

Correct Answer: D 

You can import an existing Git repo from GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or other location into a new or empty existing repo in your project in Azure DevOps.
Import into a new repo –
✑ Select Repos, Files.
✑ From the repo drop-down, select Import repository.
✑ If the source repo is publicly available, just enter the clone URL of the source repository and a name for your new Git repository.


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