AZ-400 – Question 264


You plan to deploy a website that will be hosted in two Azure regions.
You need to create an Azure Traffic Manager profile named az40011566895n1-tm in a resource group named RG1lod11566895. The solution must ensure that users will always connect to a copy of the website that is in the same country.
To complete this task, sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal.

Correct Answer: See explanation below.

1. Go to the Azure portal, navigate to Traffic Manager profiles and click on the Add button to create a routing profile.
2, In the Create Traffic Manager profile, enter, or select these settings:
Name: az40011566895n1-tm –
Routing method: Geographic –
Resource group: RG1lod11566895 –
Note: Traffic Manager profiles can be configured to use the Geographic routing method so that users are directed to specific endpoints (Azure, External or Nested) based on which geographic location their DNS query originates from. This empowers Traffic Manager customers to enable scenarios where knowing a user’s geographic region and routing them based on that is important.


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