AZ-400 – Question 64

You have an Azure subscription that contains resources in several resource groups.
You need to design a monitoring strategy that will provide a consolidated view. The solution must support the following requirements:
✑ Support role-based access control (RBAC) by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) identifies.
✑ Include visuals from Azure Monitor that are generated by using the Kusto query language.
✑ Support documentation written in markdown.
✑ Use the latest data available for each visual.

What should you use to create the consolidated view?

A. Azure Monitor
B. Microsoft Power BI
C. Azure Data Explorer
D. Azure dashboards
Correct Answer: D
There are several tools available for running queries in Azure Data Explorer, including Kusto.
Kusto uses a role-based access control (RBAC) model, under which authenticated principals are mapped to roles, and get access according to the roles they’re assigned.
Note: Azure Data Explorer is a highly scalable and secure analytics service that enables you to do rich exploration of structured and unstructured data for instant insights. Optimized for ad-hoc queries, Azure Data Explorer enables rich data exploration over raw, structured, and semi-structured data delivering fast time to insight. Query with a modern, intuitive query language that offers fast, ad-hoc, and advanced query capabilities over high-rate data volumes and varieties


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