PL-200 – Question 13


Question 13

You are a Dynamics 365 Customer Service system administrator. You create an app for the sales team.
Members of the sales team cannot access the app.
You need to ensure that sales team members can access the app.
Where should you configure app permissions?

A. Dynamics administration center
B. Manage Roles
C. Security Roles

Correct Answer: B
Manage access to apps by using security roles.
You can choose what users see and access from the My Apps page or the Customer Engagement home page by giving app access to specific security roles.
Users will have access to apps based on the security roles they’re assigned to.
1. Go to Settings > My Apps.
2. In the lower-right corner of the app tile you want to manage access for, select More options (…), and then select Manage Roles.
3. Enter the following in the Manage Roles dialog box:
a) App URL Suffix
b) Roles
c) Select Save.
4. Refresh the My Apps page.
5. Go to the Apps Being Edited view, and publish the app again.