PL-200 – Question 30


Question 30

A customer tracks events by using a custom entity.
The custom entity includes a custom field for the venue of the events. The customer must be able to display the events by venue in a calendar.
You need to ensure that all events display by venue in the calendar.
To which component should you add a control?

A. Form
B. Subgrid
C. Chart
D. View

Correct Answer: D
If you use unified interface, you can display any record in a calendar view via the calendar control.
1. Go to Settings->Customization->Customize the System
2. Open the configuration for the entity that you want to use the calendar control (Opportunities in our example)
3. Click the View tab
4. Click ג€Add Controlג€ and select the calendar control.
5. Click the dot for every interface from which you want the calendar control to be available.