PL-400 – Question 21


Question 21

A bank uses a Common Data Service solution to manage clients.
Bank representatives perform client credit checks while the client is present. Credit checks may take up to five minutes to complete.
Bank policy dictates that the bank representativeג€™s app must stay blocked until credit checks are complete.
You need to display a model-driven app while credit checks run to ask the bank representative and client to wait for the credit check to complete.
Which function should you use?

A. Xrm.Navigation.openWebResource(“prefix.myPoliteMessage.html”)
B. Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog(myPoliteMessage)
C. Xrm.Utility.openWebResource(“prefix_myPoliteMessage.html”)
D. Xrm.Utility.showProgressIndicator(myPoliteMessage)

Correct Answer: D
showProgressIndicator displays a progress dialog with the specified message.
Any subsequent call to this method will update the displayed message in the existing progress dialog with the message specified in the latest method call.
The progress dialog blocks the UI until it is closed using the closeProgressIndicator method. So, you must use this method with caution.