Home Exam MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance (35-40%)

Manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance (35-40%)

Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
 configure DLP Policies
 design data retention policies in Microsoft 365
 manage DLP exceptions
 monitor DLP policy matches
 manage DLP policy matches
Implement Azure Information Protection (AIP)
 plan AIP solution
 plan for deployment On-Prem rights management Connector
 plan for Windows information Protection (WIP) implementation
 plan for classification labeling
 configure Information Rights Management (IRM) for Workloads
 configure Super User
 deploy AIP Clients
 implement Azure Information Protection policies
 implement AIP tenant key
Manage data governance
 configure information retention
 plan for Microsoft 365 backup
 plan for restoring deleted content
 plan information Retention Policies
Manage auditing
 configure audit log retention
 configure audit policy
 monitor Unified Audit Logs
Manage eDiscovery
 search content by using Security and Compliance Center
 plan for in-place and legal hold
 configure eDiscovery and create cases