CASP+ CAS-003 – Question 145


An enterprise with global site processes and exchanges highly sensitive information that is protected under several countries’ arms trafficking laws. There is new information that malicious nation-state-sponsored activities are targeting the use of encryption between the geographically disparate sites. The organization currently employs ECDSA and ECDH with P-384, SHA-384, and AES-256-GCM on VPNs between sites.

Which of the following techniques would MOST likely improve the resilience of the enterprise to attack on cryptographic implementation?

A. Add a second-layer VPN from a different vendor between sites.
B. Upgrade the cipher suite to use an authenticated AES mode of operation.
C. Use a stronger elliptic curve cryptography algorithm.
D. Implement an IDS with sensors inside (clear-text) and outside (cipher-text) of each tunnel between sites.
E. Ensure cryptography modules are kept up to date from a vendor supplying them.

Correct Answer: C