CASP+ CAS-003 – Question 146


The government is concerned with remote military missions being negatively being impacted by the use of technology that may fail to protect operational security. To remediate this concern, a number of solutions have been implemented, including the following:

  • End-to-end encryption of all inbound and outbound communication, including personal email and chat sessions that allow soldiers to securely communicate with families.
  • Layer 7 inspection and TCP/UDP port restriction, including firewall rules to only allow TCP port 80 and 443 and approved applications
  • A host-based whitelist of approved websites and applications that only allow mission-related tools and sites
  • The use of satellite communication to include multiple proxy servers to scramble the source IP address

Which of the following is of MOST concern in this scenario?

A. Malicious actors intercepting inbound and outbound communication to determine the scope of the mission
B. Family members posting geotagged images on social media that were received via email from soldiers
C. The effect of communication latency that may negatively impact real-time communication with mission control
D. The use of centrally managed military network and computers by soldiers when communicating with external parties

Correct Answer: B