AZ-304 – Question #115


Question #115

You have an application that sends events to an Azure event hub by using HTTP requests over the internet.
You plan to increase the number of application instances.
You need to recommend a solution to reduce the overhead associated with sending events to the hub.
What should you recommend?

A. Configure the application to send events by using the AMQP protocol
B. Reduce the retention period of the event hub.
C. Replace the event hub with an Azure Service Bus instance.
D. Configure the application to send events by using the HTTPS protocol.

Correct Answer: A
Compared to HTTP, AMQP is easy to scale.

Note: Facts pro-AMQP –
Delivering messages with AMQP gives you reliability and being asynchronous allows you to not worry about the delivery at all.
Incorrect Answres:
B: Changing the retention period would not reduce the overhead.
C: Azure event hub has a low latency compared to Azure Service Bus.
D: Overhead increases with HTTPS compared to HTTP.