AZ-304 – Question #66


Question #66

You have an app named App1 that uses two on-premises Microsoft SQL Server databases named DB1 and DB2.
You plan to migrate DB1 and DB2 to Azure.
You need to recommend an Azure solution to host DB1 and DB2. The solution must meet the following requirements:
✑ Support server-side transactions across DB1 and DB2.
✑ Minimize administrative effort to update the solution.
What should you recommend?

A. two Azure SQL databases in an elastic pool
B. two Azure SQL databases on different Azure SQL Database servers
C. two Azure SQL databases on the same Azure SQL Database managed instance
D. two SQL Server databases on an Azure virtual machine

Correct Answer: C
SQL Managed Instance enables system administrators to spend less time on administrative tasks because the service either performs them for you or greatly simplifies those tasks.
Note: Azure SQL Managed Instance is designed for customers looking to migrate a large number of apps from an on-premises or IaaS, self-built, or ISV provided environment to a fully managed PaaS cloud environment, with as low a migration effort as possible. Using the fully automated Azure Data Migration Service, customers can lift and shift their existing SQL Server instance to SQL Managed Instance, which offers compatibility with SQL Server and complete isolation of customer instances with native VNet support. With Software Assurance, you can exchange your existing licenses for discounted rates on SQL Managed Instance using the Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. SQL Managed Instance is the best migration destination in the cloud for SQL Server instances that require high security and a rich programmability surface.