AZ-304 – Question #7


Question #7

You have an Azure subscription that is linked to an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. The subscription contains 10 resource groups, one for each department at your company.
Each department has a specific spending limit for its Azure resources.
You need to ensure that when a department reaches its spending limit, the compute resources of the department shut down automatically.
Which two features should you include in the solution? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Azure Logic Apps
B. Azure Monitor alerts
C. the spending limit of an Azure account
D. Cost Management budgets
E. Azure Log Analytics alerts

Correct Answer: CD
C: The spending limit in Azure prevents spending over your credit amount. All new customers who sign up for an Azure free account or subscription types that include credits over multiple months have the spending limit turned on by default. The spending limit is equal to the amount of credit and it canג€™t be changed.
D: Turn on the spending limit after removing
This feature is available only when the spending limit has been removed indefinitely for subscription types that include credits over multiple months. You can use this feature to turn on your spending limit automatically at the start of the next billing period.
1. Sign in to the Azure portal as the Account Administrator.
2. Search for Cost Management + Billing.
3. Etc.