AZ-304 – Question #79


Question #79

You are designing an order processing system in Azure that will contain the Azure resources shown in the following table.

The order processing system will have the following transaction flow:
✑ A customer will place an order by using App1.
✑ When the order is received, App1 will generate a message to check for product availability at vendor 1 and vendor 2.
✑ An integration component will process the message, and then trigger either Function1 or Function2 depending on the type of order.
✑ Once a vendor confirms the product availability, a status message for App1 will be generated by Function1 or Function2.
✑ All the steps of the transaction will be logged to storage1.
Which type of resource should you recommend for the integration component?

A. an Azure Data Factory pipeline
B. an Azure Service Bus queue
C. an Azure Event Grid domain
D. an Azure Event Hubs capture

Correct Answer: A
A data factory can have one or more pipelines. A pipeline is a logical grouping of activities that together perform a task.
The activities in a pipeline define actions to perform on your data.
Data Factory has three groupings of activities: data movement activities, data transformation activities, and control activities.
Azure Functions is now integrated with Azure Data Factory, allowing you to run an Azure function as a step in your data factory pipelines.