AZ-304 – Question #99


Question #99

You are planning to deploy an application named App1 that will run in containers on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters. The AKS clusters will be distributed across four Azure regions.
You need to recommend a storage solution for App1. Updated container images must be replicated automatically to all the AKS clusters.
Which storage solution should you recommend?

A. Azure Cache for Redis
B. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
C. Premium SKU Azure Container Registry
D. geo-redundant storage (GRS) accounts

Correct Answer: C
Enable geo-replication for container images.
Best practice: Store your container images in Azure Container Registry and geo-replicate the registry to each AKS region.
To deploy and run your applications in AKS, you need a way to store and pull the container images. Container Registry integrates with AKS, so it can securely store your container images or Helm charts. Container Registry supports multimaster geo-replication to automatically replicate your images to Azure regions around the world.
Geo-replication is a feature of Premium SKU container registries.
When you use Container Registry geo-replication to pull images from the same region, the results are:
Faster: You pull images from high-speed, low-latency network connections within the same Azure region.
More reliable: If a region is unavailable, your AKS cluster pulls the images from an available container registry.
Cheaper: There’s no network egress charge between datacenters.