AZ-400 – Question 125

You plan to use a NuGet package in a project in Azure DevOps. The NuGet package is in a feed that requires authentication.

You need to ensure that the project can restore the NuGet package automatically.

What should the project use to automate the authentication?

A. an Azure Automation account
B. an Azure Artifacts Credential Provider
C. an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account that has multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled
D. an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) service principal

Correct Answer: B 

The Azure Artifacts Credential Provider automates the acquisition of credentials needed to restore NuGet packages as part of your .NET development workflow. It integrates with MSBuild, dotnet, and NuGet(.exe) and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Any time you want to use packages from an Azure Artifacts feed, the
Credential Provider will automatically acquire and securely store a token on behalf of the NuGet client you’re using.