AZ-400 – Question 149

Your team uses an agile development approach.

You need to recommend a branching strategy for the team’s Git repository. The strategy must meet the following requirements.
✑ Provide the ability to work on multiple independent tasks in parallel.
✑ Ensure that checked-in code remains in a releasable state always.
✑ Ensure that new features can be abandoned at any time.
✑ Encourage experimentation.

What should you recommend?

A. a single long-running branch without forking
B. multiple long-running branches
C. a single fork per team member
D. a single long-running branch with multiple short-lived feature branches

Correct Answer: D 

Topic/feature branches, however, are useful in projects of any size. A topic branch is a short-lived branch that you create and use for a single particular feature or related work. This is something you’ve likely never done with a VCS before because it’s generally too expensive to create and merge branches. But in Git it’s common to create, work on, merge, and delete branches several times a day.