AZ-400 – Question 160

You are developing a multi-tier application. The application will use Azure App Service web apps as the front end and an Azure SQL database as the back end.

The application will use Azure functions to write some data to Azure Storage.
You need to send the Azure DevOps team an email message when the front end fails to return a status code of 200.

Which feature should you use?

A. Service Map in Azure Log Analytics
B. availability tests in Azure Application Insights 
C. Profiler in Azure Application Insights
D. Application Map in Azure Application Insights

Correct Answer: D 

Application Map helps you spot performance bottlenecks or failure hotspots across all components of your distributed application. Each node on the map represents an application component or its dependencies; and has health KPI and alerts status.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Service Map automatically discovers application components on Windows and Linux systems and maps the communication between services. You can use it to view your servers as you think of them–interconnected systems that deliver critical services. Service Map shows connections between servers, processes, and ports across any TCP-connected architecture with no configuration required, other than installation of an agent.