AZ-400 – Question 165

You have a project in Azure DevOps.

You create the following YAML template named Template1.yml.
– script: npm install
– script: yarn install
– script: npm run compile
You create the following pipeline named File1.yml.
– script: echo Done
You need to ensure that Template1.yaml runs before File1.yml.

How should you update File1.yml?

A. parameters: usersteps: extends: template: template1.yml – task: [email protected] – script: echo Done
B. template: template1.yml parameters: usersteps: – task: [email protected] – script: echo Done
C. extends: template: templatel.yml parameters: usersteps: – task: [email protected] – script: echo Done
D. parameters: usersteps: – template: templatel.yml – task: [email protected] – script: echo Done

Correct Answer: C 

Azure Pipelines offers two kinds of templates: includes and extends. Included templates behave like #include in C++: it’s as if you paste the template’s code right into the outer file, which references it. To continue the C++ metaphor, extends templates are more like inheritance: the template provides the outer structure of the pipeline and a set of places where the template consumer can make targeted alterations.
– script: echo This is my first step
– script: echo This is my second step