AZ-400 – Question 17


You are preparing to deploy an Azure resource group via Terraform.
To achieve your goal, you have to install the necessary frameworks.
Which of the following are the frameworks you should use? Answer by dragging the correct options from the list to the answer area.
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Correct Answer:

You can use the combination of Terraform and Yeoman. Terraform is a tool for creating infrastructure on Azure. Yeoman makes it easy to create Terraform modules.
Terratest provides a collection of helper functions and patterns for common infrastructure testing tasks, like making HTTP requests and using SSH to access a specific virtual machine. The following list describes some of the major advantages of using Terratest:
✑ Convenient helpers to check infrastructure – This feature is useful when you want to verify your real infrastructure in the real environment.
✑ Organized folder structure – Your test cases are organized clearly and follow the standard Terraform module folder structure.
Test cases are written in Go – Many developers who use Terraform are Go developers. If you’re a Go developer, you don’t have to learn another programming
 language to use Terratest.
✑ Extensible infrastructure – You can extend additional functions on top of Terratest, including Azure-specific features.