AZ-400 – Question 172

You are automating the build process for a Java-based application by using Azure DevOps.

You need to add code coverage testing and publish the outcomes to the pipeline.

What should you use?

A. Bullseye Coverage
B. JUnit
C. JaCoCo
D. MSTest

Correct Answer: C 

Use Publish Code Coverage Results task in a build pipeline to publish code coverage results to Azure Pipelines or TFS, which were produced by a build in
Cobertura or JaCoCo format.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Bullseye Coverage is used for C++ code, and not for Java.
There are several versions of this question in the exam. The question has two possible correct answers:
✑ Cobertura
✑ JaCoCo
Other incorrect answer options you may see on the exam include the following:
✑ Coverlet
✑ NUnit