AZ-400 – Question 191

You have 50 Node.js-based projects that you scan by using WhiteSource. Each project includes Package.json, Package-lock.json, and Npm-shrinkwrap.json files.

You need to minimize the number of libraries reports by WhiteSource to only the libraries that you explicitly reference.

What should you do?

A. Configure the File System Agent plug-in.
B. Add a devDependencies section to Package.json.
C. Configure the Artifactory plug-in.
D. Delete Package-lock.json.

Correct Answer: B 

Separate Your Dependencies –
Within your package.json file be sure you split out your npm dependencies between devDependencies and (production) dependencies. The key part is that you must then make use of the –production flag when installing the npm packages. The –production flag will exclude all packages defined in the devDependencies section.