AZ-400 – Question 204


You have an Azure subscription that contains a resources group named RG1. RG1 contains the following resources:
✑ Four Azure virtual machines that run Windows Server and have Internet Information Services (IIS) installed.
✑ SQL Server on an Azure virtual machine.
✑ An Azure Load Balancer.
You need to deploy an application to the virtual machines in RG1 by using Azure Pipelines.

Which four actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. NOTE: More than one order of answer choices is correct. You will receive credit for any of the correct orders you select.

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Correct Answer:
Step 1: Create an agent pool –
Azure Pipelines provides a pre-defined agent pool named Azure Pipelines with Microsoft-hosted agents.
Step 2: Create a deployment group
Deployment groups make it easy to define logical groups of target machines for deployment, and install the required agent on each machine.
Step 3: Add the Azure Pipelines Agent extension to the virtual machines
Install the Azure Pipelines Agent Azure VM extension
Step 4: Add and configure a deployment group job for the pipeline
Tasks that you define in a deployment group job run on some or all of the target servers, depending on the arguments you specify for the tasks and the job itself.