AZ-400 – Question 21

You need to consider the underlined segment to establish whether it is accurate.

Black Duck can be used to make sure that all the open source libraries conform to your company’s licensing criteria.
Select "No adjustment required" if the underlined segment is accurate. If the underlined segment is inaccurate, select the accurate option.

A. No adjustment required.
B. Maven
C. Bamboo

Correct Answer: A 

Secure and Manage Open Source Software 
Black Duck helps organizations identify and mitigate open source security, license compliance and code-quality risks across application and container portfolios.
Black Duck Hub and its plugin for Team Foundation Server (TFS) allows you to automatically find and fix open source security vulnerabilities during the build process, so you can proactively manage risk. The integration allows you to receive alerts and fail builds when any Black Duck Hub policy violations are met.