AZ-400 – Question 233

Your company uses Azure DevOps to manage the build and release processes for applications.

You use a Git repository for applications source control.
You plan to create a new branch from an existing pull request. Later, you plan to merge the new branch and the target branch of the pull request.
You need to use a pull request action to create the new branch. The solution must ensure that the branch uses only a portion of the code in the pull request.

Which pull request action should you use?

A. Set as default branch
B. Approve with suggestions
C. Cherry-pick
D. Reactivate
E. Revert

Correct Answer: C 

Cherry-pick a pull request - The solution must ensure that the branch uses "only a portion of the code" in the pull request
To copy changes made in a pull request to another branch in your repo, follow these steps:
1. In a completed pull request, select Cherry-pick, or for an active pull request, select Cherry-pick from the … menu. Cherry-picking a pull request in this way creates a new branch with the copied changes. Merge into a target branch in a second pull request.
2. In Target branch, enter the branch you want to merge the copied changes.
3. In Topic branch name, enter a new branch to contain the copied changes, then select Cherry-pick.
4. Select Create pull request to merge the topic branch into the target branch to complete the cherry-pick.