AZ-400 – Question 246

You plan to use Terraform to deploy an Azure resource group from a Windows system.

You need to install the required frameworks to support the planned deployment.

Which two frameworks should you install? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Vault
B. Terratest
C. Node.js
D. Yeoman
E. Tiller

Correct Answer: BD 

You can use the combination of Terraform and Yeoman. Terraform is a tool for creating infrastructure on Azure. Yeoman makes it easy to create Terraform modules.
Terratest provides a collection of helper functions and patterns for common infrastructure testing tasks, like making HTTP requests and using SSH to access a specific virtual machine. The following list describes some of the major advantages of using Terratest:
✑ Convenient helpers to check infrastructure – This feature is useful when you want to verify your real infrastructure in the real environment.
✑ Organized folder structure – Your test cases are organized clearly and follow the standard Terraform module folder structure.
✑ Test cases are written in Go – Many developers who use Terraform are Go developers. If you’re a Go developer, you don’t have to learn another programming language to use Terratest.
✑ Extensible infrastructure – You can extend additional functions on top of Terratest, including Azure-specific features.