AZ-400 – Question 27

You are in the process of building a mobile app aimed at Android and iOS devices.

All work items and release cycles are managed via Azure DevOps.
You want to make sure that crash reports for issue analysis is collected, and that beta releases are distributed to your testers. Also, you want to ensure that user feedback on the functionality of new apps is received.

Which of the following must be part of your solution?

A. The Microsoft Test & Feedback extension.
C. TFS Integration Platform
D. Code Style 

Correct Answer: A 

The "Exploratory Testing" extension is now "Test & Feedback" and is now Generally Available.
Anyone can now test web apps and give feedback, all directly from the browser on any platform: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Available for Google Chrome and
Mozilla Firefox (required version 50.0 or above) currently. Support for Microsoft Edge is in the pipeline and will be enabled once Edge moves to a Chromium- compatible web platform.