AZ-400 – Question 31


You have an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) pod.
You need to configure a probe to perform the following actions:
✑ Confirm that the pod is responding to service requests.
✑ Check the status of the pod four times a minute.
✑ Initiate a shutdown if the pod is unresponsive.
How should you complete the YAML configuration file? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
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Correct Answer:
Box 1: livenessProve:

The correct answer is liveness because you want that your POD restart in case of failure.

Readiness remove the POD from Load Balancer, but doesn’t restart it.
The kubelet uses liveness probes to know when to restart a container. For example, liveness probes could catch a deadlock, where an application is running, but unable to make progress. Restarting a container in such a state can help to make the application more available despite bugs.

The kubelet uses readiness probes to know when a container is ready to start accepting traffic. A Pod is considered ready when all of its containers are ready. One use of this signal is to control which Pods are used as backends for Services. When a Pod is not ready, it is removed from Service load balancers.

livenessProbe: Containerized applications may run for extended periods of time, resulting in broken states that may need to be repaired by restarting the container. Azure Container Instances supports liveness probes so that you can configure your containers within your container group to restart if critical functionality is not working.
Box 2: periodSeconds: 15 –
The periodSeconds property designates the readiness command should execute every 15 seconds.