AZ-400 – Question 35

Your company uses ServiceNow for incident management.

You develop an application that runs on Azure.
The company needs to generate a ticket in ServiceNow when the application fails to authenticate.
Which Azure Log Analytics solution should you use?
A. Application Insights Connector
B. Automation & Control
C. IT Service Management Connector (ITSM) 
D. Insight & Analytics
Correct Answer: C 
The IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) allows you to connect Azure and a supported IT Service Management (ITSM) product/service.
ITSMC supports connections with the following ITSM tools:
✑ ServiceNow
✑ System Center Service Manager
✑ Provance
✑ Cherwell
With ITSMC, you can –
✑ Create work items in ITSM tool, based on your Azure alerts (metric alerts, Activity Log alerts and Log Analytics alerts).
✑ Optionally, you can sync your incident and change request data from your ITSM tool to an Azure Log Analytics workspace.