AZ-400 – Question 40

Your company is building a mobile app that targets Android and iOS devices.
Your team uses Azure DevOps to manage all work items and release cycles.
You need to recommend a solution to perform the following tasks:
✑ Collect crash reports for issue analysis.
✑ Distribute beta releases to your testers.
✑ Get user feedback on the functionality of new apps.

What should you include in the recommendation?

A. the Microsoft Test & Feedback extension
B. Microsoft Visual Studio App Center integration
C. Azure Application Insights widgets
D. Jenkins integration
Correct Answer: A 
The "Exploratory Testing" extension is now "Test & Feedback" and is now Generally Available.
Anyone can now test web apps and give feedback, all directly from the browser on any platform: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Available for Google Chrome and
Mozilla Firefox (required version 50.0 or above) currently. Support for Microsoft Edge is in the pipeline and will be enabled once Edge moves to a Chromium- compatible web platform.