AZ-400 – Question 5

Your company is currently making use of Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS 2013), but intend to migrate to Azure DevOps.

You have been tasked with supplying a migration approach that allows for the preservation of Team Foundation Version Control changesets dates, as well as the changes dates of work items revisions. The approach should also allow for the migration of all TFS artifacts, while keeping migration effort to a minimum.
You have suggested upgrading TFS to the most recent RTW release.

Which of the following should also be suggested?

A. Installing the TFS kava SDK
B. Using the TFS Database Import Service to perform the upgrade.
C. Upgrading PowerShell Core to the latest version.
D. Using the TFS Integration Platform to perform the upgrade.
Correct Answer: B 

In Phase 3 of your migration project, you will work on upgrading your Team Foundation Server to one of the supported versions for the Database Import Service in Azure Devops Services.